Certified Cadastral Surveyors (CCS) Profile

In our continuous effort to provide excellent public land service delivery, the NLCS have trained the following individuals as the Certified Cadastral Surveyors (CCS). The CCS shall facilitate and assist the citizens in executing online land transaction and field survyeing through the eSakor Portal for both urban and rural areas in the country. A CCS shall charge a fee for the service provided to the client. You may kindly contact the following CCSs for any assistance in surveying and executing land transactions.

Name: Bikram Mongar
CID No: 11308005561
Contact No: 17703348
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/34
Email ID: bikrammgr977@gmail.com
Name: Chandra Prakash Monger
CID No: 11308000086
Contact No: 17293051
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/16
Email ID: prakashmgr1994@gmail.com
Name: Lhakpa Tshering
CID No: 11201002289
Contact No: 17445149
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/03
Email ID: lhakpa608@gmail.com
Name: Shabir Tamang
CID No: 11301003014
Contact No: 17388731
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019- 12/02
Email ID: shabiryonjon10@gmail.com
Name: Samten Norbu
CID No: 11102002741
Contact No: 17315911
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/29
Email ID: samtennorbu1212@gmail.com
Name: Kuenzang Wangdi
CID No: 10804000560
Contact No: 17560709
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/25
Email ID: kuenzang900@gmail.com
Name: Sonam Tshewang
CID No: 11506003870
Contact No: 17446368
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/08
Email ID:
Name: Sangay Thinley
CID No: 11312002688
Contact No: 17792965
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/04
Email ID: thinleysangay448@gmail.com
Name: Tshewang Thinley
CID No: 11506004778
Contact No: 17899054
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/24
Email ID: tshewangthinley87@gmail.com
Name: Abi Maya Biswa
CID No: 11316000352
Contact No: 17459833
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-12/21
Email ID:
Name: Cham Lal Regmi
CID No: 11210001327
Contact No: 17817022
Certification No: NLCS/CCS/2019-20/35
Email ID: regmichemlal@gmail.com