Informations and Guidelines on how to register.
  1. Information:

    • Valid Bhutanese Citizenship Identity Card Number.
    • Valid Date of Birth of given CID.
    • Valid Email Address (You should have access to the given email address).
    • Your mobile number (Should be with you for using).

  2. Guidelines:

    • Enter your Citizenship Identity Card Number.
    • Enter your Date of Birth (on CID card).
    • If the above two informations are correct your name will be fetched automatically.
    • Enter your email ID which you use daily (username and password sent here).
    • Enter the Mobile number (If registration is successful, you will receive an SMS).

  3. *NOTE:

    • You cannot have two accounts with the same Citizenship Identity Card Number.
    • You can apply any number of transactions from the same account.
    • Please have a look at the guides we have created for our users in the menu (Guide to eServices).
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