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19010013 (Thram Related) Responded

Inquired on : January 23, 2019 8 Views

what if the transferee does not have a thram number , could not proceed since it is mandatory in one of the fields

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19010012 (Map Related) Responded

Inquired on : January 21, 2019 24 Views

Sir/Madam,Do we need to complete the field survey before doing online transaction of land la? i mean when we have to do plot fragmentation la.

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19010010 (System Related) Responded

Inquired on : January 12, 2019 61 Views

My land alongside the Thimphu-Paro highway in Shaba have come under the road widening project, thus, 14 decimal of the above land have been deducted for road purpose but my name was not on the list of landowners who is eligible for land compensation. Who should I approach for the redressal?

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