19040019 (System Related) Responded

Inquired on : April 15, 2019   52 Views

Dear Sir/Madam,I have just registered into eSakor and I have successfully logged in (on 15/04/2019). Now can I apply for land transactions here after uploading scanned duly signed and filled no objection forms? And does this mean that I won't have to get the services of privately operating BRLTS who charges money for the same? Please clarify la. Thank YouHukumi Ghalley17631677

Response Date : April 15, 2019

Dear Sir, Anyone who has land and wants to do transaction can do it by self if you know how to use. Our system is made user friendly as much as possible and we also prepared guides (https://esakor.nlcs.gov.bt/portal/public/app/guide) so that it will help any citizen wanting to process land transaction. Getting the paid service from BRLTS is up to you (you have a choice to pay and let BRLTS do all the work or you can do yourself). Thank you.